Hiker’s New Year’s Resolution

I, Anne S., do solemnly swear, to myself and to my readers, to maintain and improve upon this splendid hobby of hiking. I swear I will climb higher hills and descend into deeper gorges than I ever have before. I will enjoy breathtaking sceneries and the silence of forests, fresh air and steady rock under my feet.

I swear to do everything in my power to dare and guide others to do the same, to go outside and enjoy the woods, no matter how familiar they are. I will sing the gospel of hiking and challenge everyone to improve their oxygen intake, to see what’s beyond the computer screen and to forget, even if for just a moment, the burdens of everyday life. I will show my readers and co-habitants of this Earth a shining example on how to better your ability to work and to work out.

I swear to respect Nature as it is, to take care of it by my choices and actions. I will clean up after myself and others if necessary. I will recycle at home and at work and I will refrain from using harmful chemicals, not to mention give in to excessive consumerism. I will study new ways to maintain the life force and richness of our planet.

Let’s make it a good year for hiking. Together.

~ Anne S.

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