Christmas gifts have been distributed!

Luck was on my side once again and my not-so-subtle hints over the past few months paid off. In other words, I got everything I wanted: a book, fruit dehydrator and a very specific Christmas decoration.

The dehydrator helps a ton with the hiking. I can use it for everything! Fruits, vegetables, mushrooms. It even has a temperature dial! It’s going to be so handy dehydrating meals for all the hikes.

I also heard that my choice of gift to Heikki was very successful! I got him a bracelet that he can use to put together IKEA furniture or open a cold one or remove a SIM card from a phone, even in the woods! We’re talking about the most over-the-top man-present, the Leatherman TREAD bracelet. Whether or not this is a practical tool or just the manliest piece of jewelry, remains to be seen. I’ll let you guys know.

I read a review by Joppe Ranta here (in Finnish), before I chose to buy the bracelet. I mean, it looks really good on its own and at least the Philips head works just fine. I used it to tighten a loose screw in one of our kitchen drawers.

~ Anne S.

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