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January 2016

Introducing Nemi – a sheep in wolf’s clothing

I have plenty of stories about Nemi, thanks to her huge personality but like always, I like to let photos do the talking. Continue reading “Introducing Nemi – a sheep in wolf’s clothing”

Want to buy more time? Only 10 euros per two hours!

I’ve often heard people comment (in real life, not so much in the blog) about spending time, about how much of it is consumed by hobbies and why there’s never enough of it for exercise or eating healthier. Continue reading “Want to buy more time? Only 10 euros per two hours!”

Special bulletin

Okay, folks, it’s party time! Earlier today Heikki got a call from Koli’s Nature Center Ukko! Continue reading “Special bulletin”

Nature walk Challenge #polkuhaaste starts with Tourujoki

Today is the day we officially start our nature walk challenge with two hashtags #polkuhaaste and #rinkkaputki. Continue reading “Nature walk Challenge #polkuhaaste starts with Tourujoki”

Hiker’s workout

Why does a hiker go to the gym? Or, in other words, why does this particular hiker go to the gym? Well, for instance to keep my life in check and to make sure my pant size remains the same or decreases. Continue reading “Hiker’s workout”

#FollowFriday – Ulla Keituri

Ulla Keituri – an amateur photographer from Jyväskylä, presenting her incredible nature shots in her Instagram account. Featuring her friends and family (consisting of her beautiful little dghter and an Australian Cattle Dog). Continue reading “#FollowFriday – Ulla Keituri”

Lapin Lumo, ”The Enchantment of Lappi”

If for you, Winter is a time of sitting in front of various screens while dreaming of hikes and treks, Lapin Lumo is just the thing. You can find all six episodes from Hidasta Elämää website.

Slow TV might just be the next big thing since fast cuts and lightning speed has gone on long enough. At least for me, the idea of a series going on for days is truly intriguing. Like Hurtigruten, a five-day-long show about a Norwegian cruise ship, filmed in 2011. Unfortunately only a 12-hour highlight reel is available these days. I would’ve loved to watch the whole thing unedited when I was suffering from major manflu just before Christmas. Then again, having responsibilities and obligations at all would get in the way of enjoying such a format.

However, Lapin Lumo is one of a kind. 30-minute-long episodes where you get to see beautiful scenery from Northern Finland, with a peaceful musical score. Narration is not too intrusive and is well paced, each scene tells a story and boy, are those aerial shots something to remember.

~ Anne S.

Introducing Heikki Sulander

In short: born in 1985, wears glasses and jokes around. Continue reading “Introducing Heikki Sulander”

Introducing frost mittens

Someone might ask why I’m making such a big deal of a pair of gloves. They just happen to be my favorite ones. Continue reading “Introducing frost mittens”

Politics, the Finnish language and environmental studies

Since one’s brain capacity tends to decrease as one grows older, one needs to prioritize how to use what’s left of it. Or at least that’s the case with me. Continue reading “Politics, the Finnish language and environmental studies”

Salamajärvi National Park

Forest deer, they said. Birds, they said. Unbelievable marsh scenery, they said.

Continue reading “Salamajärvi National Park”

Environment and Nature Companion

An Environment and Nature Companion looks no different from you or me but happens to be a lot more interested in nature than your average city-dweller. They clean up trash from the street and they’re very aware of every man’s-rights. If you ever come across a Companion in their natural habitat – the woods – they usually sport practical shoes and pant legs that protect them from ticks. They might also have a faint bonfire smoke scent to them.

Continue reading “Environment and Nature Companion”

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