Introducing Möykky the hiking dog!

Usually two dogs accompany us whenever we’re out and about. Today I’m introducing Möykky, our Jack Russell’s Terrier. He got his name from his breeder and it stuck, because he was already nine months old and well, he’d already learned it. My son thought Möykky (transl. Blob) was the best name a dog could have (keep in mind, he was 11 at the time), so we kept the name.

Möykky is five years old and for a Jack Russell, extremely lazy. Sure he has his terrier moments and outdoors is the place to run furious circles but let’s just say a lazy Sunday is what he does best.

His favourite things in the whole world are balls and all kinds of socks. If you want to thoroughly blow his mind, try putting a ball inside a sock.

As a hiking partner his stamina is inconsistent, to say the least. Sometimes Heikki has to carry him the rest of the way because he decided enough was enough. Most of the time he could run for miles, though.

He also has his own Instagram account and with over 300 followers, he’s the official Insta-King of our family. Because the name Möykky doesn’t translate that well, we ended up naming the account @chesterfield_thejrt.

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