Night sky at Hyyppäänvuori

I didn’t remember how much I was actually afraid of the dark. Not that I was going to say no, not after we visited Hyyppäänvuori earlier that day with Ulla. She made an innocent suggestion that we should go, since the starry skies are so beautiful over there. And I said yes, because it’s usually the first thought I have when someone suggests something crazy.

As we stepped out of the car, reality came rushing in. My goodness, what about the wolves and murderers and crazy people waiting for us out here? But I swallowed my fears, didn’t complain and kept moving. On the outside I might’ve seemed oddly quiet. We knew the trail from before so it was ok. The woods gave me the creeps but I kept my thoughts on the stars and kept repeating to myself: don’t stir up fear. I knew Heikki wasn’t a fan of the dark either and Ulla hadn’t convinced me of her bravery. The way up was steep so it was hard work getting up that hill, thanks to the manflu that was still in the background. Once we got to the top, we were fine. The ice of Lievestuore Lake was creaking and singing its eerie song all the way down there. The two photographers were doing their thing and I had to pose a few times and do some frost exercises so I didn’t freeze.

On the way back Ulla admitted she would’ve never gone on her own. That’s when I realized what a smart move it was not stirring up fear. We might’ve missed the trip all together.

If Ulla would’ve been visibly scared at the beginning of the trip, it would’ve quad-tripled my own boogiemen.

We both kept our mouths shut about our fears so Heikki didn’t get a chance to give too much space for his.

Photographing stars is something we’re pretty new at but stargazing, that we have covered. When it comes to photography, we decided to have a little horror camp during Winter by spending the night somewhere we can take photos all night and maybe sleep an hour or two. Tips on location are more than welcome!

~ Anne S

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