Shepherd’s weeks

Early morning in an idyllic little hut amidst lush meadows, the sun shining from clear skies, counting sheep after your morning coffee… after which you can grab your backpack and take a day trip to magnificent Koli. Ever heard of Shepherd’s Weeks in National Parks? You rent a cabin or a farm for a week, make sure the sheep have fresh water and that their numbers or health doesn’t decline. It’s a pretty lightweight task so you’ll have plenty of time for hiking. Obviously something as eccentric as this, at least to your average city dweller, does come at a price but rest assured, most of it is to cover basic expenses of the farm.

Now, why are there sheep in our National Parks? They’re there to maintain the national scenery, since they are a hungry bunch and the meadows would overgrow without them munching on its grass. The decrease in grazing and cattle in general has made meadows and traditional sceneries a rare sight.

You want to be a part of this experience? How would you like to take the family on a different kind of vacation? Submit your application starting from January 18th! More information here:

Heikki thought I made the whole thing up! He said it sounded nuts. He was also worried about losing a sheep and whether or not they bite. I suppose we’ll see next Summer if we’re lucky!

~ Anne S.

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