Introducing frost mittens

Someone might ask why I’m making such a big deal of a pair of gloves. They just happen to be my favorite ones. The only problem is, I can only really wear them when it’s extremely cold outside. They belonged to my grandpa and he used to say they were made of dog hair – the truth, probably, is that they’re made of colored sheep wool. They might as well be dog, though – I’m not against the idea of having something to pet even after the pet itself is gone.

I’m not sure why sheep wool isn’t more widely used in winter clothing – I mean, sure it won’t compare to man-made fibers or other types of wool in all conditions but these particular mittens are very handy (get it?). You can fit a large smart phone inside and they give you adoring looks at the taxi line. I keep them on my desk at work sometimes and make people people laugh by waving them around and making funny noises. Okay, by people, I mean Heikki.

~ Anne


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