Introducing Heikki Sulander

In short: born in 1985, wears glasses and jokes around. But let’s go the long way around, huh? The name’s Heikki Sulander. Or Heksa. Or Heke. Sometimes even ”Heikki, no!”. A husband and a Reacher.

…that last one might need some explaining. You see, I’m quite tall, whereas Anne is very short. Sometimes she needs something that’s located in a place she can’t get to without a ladder. Hence the superhero name: The Reacher. Sometimes I go by my other alias: The Carrier. Groceries, you see.

I was born and bred in Vammala (which is called Sastamala these days) and it shows from time to time. All the big city stuff amazes me and the same thing goes for nature – nature that isn’t the norm in Vammala, that is. Hills and mountains and stuff.

I’ve always had a very vivid imagination, even when I was little. I used to play with a little plastic tree – a remnant of a farm set, I’m sure – and pretend it was Superman. My mom could never afford real action figures and that is exactly what those are called, NOT DOLLS, ANNE.

I was also pretty good at drawing and making up stories, a habit that would transform into poetry and songwriting as a teen and later on, as an adult, to photography.

I’ve been an amateur photographer for over ten years now and not to toot my own horn but quite a few people have a photo I have taken as their profile picture on Facebook…I’ve also been informed that this is not necessarily something to brag about.

But photography, it’s my passion! And like Anne already mentioned in her introduction, it’s photography first when it comes to hiking and camping, to an annoying degree. Don’t get me wrong, I do remember to enjoy an occasional moment without capturing it, especially when a view or scenery is just too breathtaking. Those are the kind of moments people are talking about when they say ”you had to be there”.

Educational background, for me, is not really worth mentioning. I’m not going to be an Electronics Technician or a Print Production Assistant any time soon. My friends even kept making fun of me, suggesting that maybe the next step should be a Steam Engine Conductor. But I regret nothing! Every bit of information is valuable when trying to look smarter than others in Trivial Pursuit.

In case it wasn’t made clear by now, I take the majority of the photos of this blog. I’m also in charge of translating everything from Finnish to English, because I enjoy it! If there’s something I can honestly claim to be good at, it’s English.

I assume you’re interested to learn about the equipment I use? Well ask and you shall receive:

Along the years I’ve had quite a few cameras and if I’m not mistaken, all of them have been Canon. I borrowed a Nikon when working for my uncle in his advertisement agency, even took the damn thing to America with me, but that was mostly because he was extremely brand loyal. But something about Canon cameras intrigues me. Maybe it’s the superior video quality. Speaking of which, you should check out my Youtube channel. And while you’re at it, here’s my Instagram. It also has photos. *cough*shamelessplug*cough*

Right now Summer and Lapland are in my crosshairs. And since the weight of a tube backpack is pretty high in the priority list and lenses take so much space, I’m taking only a single one with me! And the camera, obviously. I mean, you can’t take pic- moving on! That’s why I bought the Sigma. It’s a wide angle PLUS a zoom lens.

Funny enough, that’s the reason I originally got the Olympus. I though a compact camera could replace my DSLR and its many lenses. I was not a smart man.

Oh! Oh! And if such an unfortunate thing should happen that I don’t have either with me, I rely on my LG G4! A damn good camera on that one. Although I noticed it tends to shut down in extremely low temperatures.

This introduction might’ve been a bit tech-heavy but if there are any questions, about yours truly or about my toys… speaking of toys! I’m a bit of a collector. I collect Lego and action fi- they’re not dolls, damnit! I also read comic books and play console games. My platform of choice is Playstation 4.

And that is it, I suppose. I’m Heikki and I like to take pictures. And sound cool in English.

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