#FollowFriday – Ulla Keituri

Ulla Keituri – an amateur photographer from Jyväskylä, presenting her incredible nature shots in her Instagram account. Featuring her friends and family (consisting of her beautiful little dghter and an Australian Cattle Dog).

This young lady will climb Kanavuori (aka Chicken Mountain) at the break of dawn or she’ll wait for the right kind of dusk light to descent upon the rocks at the shores of Nenäinniemi. Her shots also constantly feature her fondness for star photography.

Ulla has taken us with her more than a few times. We visited Hyyppäänvuori during the day and during the night. We also wanted to be hip and cool, so as you can see from the photos of this post, we did the whole ”throwing boiling water around in subzero temperature”-thing as well as trying to freeze soap bubbles. We managed to create half an arc on our first and only try (we only had a little of it with us) and while our bubbles were a tad small and misshapen, we had  a lot of fun!



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