Nature walk Challenge #polkuhaaste starts with Tourujoki

Today is the day we officially start our nature walk challenge with two hashtags #polkuhaaste and #rinkkaputki. Have you gotten to know your city’s nature walks, the ones maintained by the city? Do you know where to find information about them or did you stumble upon one  because a friend told you about it? Does your neighborhood have a special kind of a nature walk?


If you get a particularly nice shot from a nature walk or a trail, tag it with #polkuhaaste and #rinkkaputki on Instagram or Twitter, or let people know if this challenge is the reason you went out to in the first place.

If you’re a blogger for, add the keyword ”polkuhaaste”. The challenge lasts from this moment to eternity (or as long as there are trails to tread on) but we’ll personally keep an eye on the hashtag #polkuhaaste for this year. Today we are telling a story of one of our favorite trails, Tourujoki Nature Walk. More information on all ten city maintained trails can be found here (in Finnish). We have visited all but two last year and winter isn’t stopping us (schedule and weather might though). But we encourage you to check it out and accept the challenge!

Tourujoki Nature Walk

No Winter maintenance.

Tourujoki Nature Walk is a nice 700 m long patch of nature, wrapped in a pretty package in the middle of the city. In Summer, the groves are lush and a darker shade of green, in Autumn it starts to look like a dying ghost forest and in Winter… well, no Winter maintenance. It hasn’t stopped us from visiting, though. Before all the snow we had a little photo-shoot near the trail of our dog, Möykky (the walk itself doesn’t allow dogs, just so you know) and in the early days of January we went to see what the river looked like in -30 degrees. Obviously we also have pictures of the trail during Summer and they might end up here as well, or we just go back there and take new ones.

The trail is accessible from our home (at the edge of Halssila neighborhood) via a shortcut, so before arriving to the actual Walk we tend to take a stroll along the river bed. Here’s where the mostly-frozen river formed an interesting pattern. Like a highway of water in the middle.

The river is filled with life, during both Summer and Winter. The snow covering the ice was riddled with bird feet marks. If you’re in luck, you get to see other sorts of animals too and during Spring time birdsong fills the air, sometimes to an annoying degree.

The boardwalks gave out a constant groaning and clacking. Wood is extremely loud to walk on in such low temperatures. These photos were taken just before the sun started setting. You can tell by the golden tops of the trees. During Summertime this place is a bit cooler than the surrounding city, thanks to its deep location.

The ice in the beginning of the trail had washed over it and it looked awfully impressive. As if the water had just stopped mid-flow.

This Walk is also a Nature Reserve. The trail is built to protect the terrain and greenery. It has little information boards along the way, to help you learn about the plants, the terrain and the history of the place – including how the river was utilized as a power source for the factories of Kangas. The area is also a habitat for some rare plants.

The steps at end of the walk were also covered in ice but by carefully shuffling our way forward, we made it.

Parts of the Nature Walk Challenge can also be found from our earlier posts: protecting your camera gear touched upon Aittovuori Nature Walk. Laukaa’s Hyyppäänvuori with its epic views, day and night. Additional information (about Hyyppäänvuori and surrounding areas) can be found here (in Finnish).

Tourujoki Nature Walk is also featured in other blog posts here at Anniina (Kaikki on hetken tässä) walked the walk at around the same time we did and wrote about it. Hanna from Laineilla used a Tourujoki photo in this article and apparently had her wedding photos taken there. Tourujoki is a big part of people’s lives, as we can see!

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