Special bulletin

Okay, folks, it’s party time! Earlier today Heikki got a call from Koli’s Nature Center Ukko! A gentleman whose name escapes me right now contacted him to let him know that our plans for Midsummer have been finalized! We’re heading over to Seppälä farm at Koli for Shepherd’s Week because they picked Heikki’s name from a hat! We entered the contest with 900 other people and they picked us! Sort of! It was a raffle. And since it doesn’t take all day to count them sheep, we plan to explore the hell out of Koli! Herajärvi Route starts right from our lawn there!

So for your information, you, our dear readers are going to be a part of it! Apologies in advance.

~ Anne

This was the National Scenery in November. Hopefully Midsummer’s week will grant us a clearer view:

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