Introducing Nemi – a sheep in wolf’s clothing

I have plenty of stories about Nemi, thanks to her huge personality but like always, I like to let photos do the talking. Nemi is a German Shepherd-American Akita mix and the Elder in our family. Nemi is the best and we love her.

She was born April 7th, 2005, on an acquaintance’s farm. She and all of her brothers and sister were actually a bit of an accident. I think she was the first one (or sthe last, I can’t remember anymore) whose ears were fully erect. Anyways, her ears were the thing that caught my eye.

Funny thing, American Akitas went by a different name those days in Finland (they were basically called Finnish Big Japanese Dogs, I can see why they decided to simplify) and a kennel representative reached out to me by email, pretty much warning me that an mix like that could turn out to be unpredictable and dangerous. An abomination. Yeah, this lady right here:

Nemi was always pretty low-maintenance, she learned all the necessary commands and tricks fast (save for trying to teach her not to climb on the bed). That might’ve been just a phase since these days she chooses her own bed, on the floor. She used to be quite the chewer though. I remember a rattan table being a leg short after she decided four was too many. I noticed this after it wouldn’t hold a plate full of food.

Nemi is, without a doubt, the kindest canine I’ve ever met. Sometimes I like to think she’d defend me if a mugger were to attack me on the street but more like she’d just greet them happily. Nowadays she might seem a bit more apathetic but hey, that’s old age for you.

She is quite the guard dog, though. In the sense that she makes a lot of noise if the doorbell rings but all our guests ever have to worry about is kisses and tackles. She tends to forget how big she is sometimes. The color of her fur has gotten tons of compliments, by the way. Even passers by tend to give her a scratch.

Obviously Nemi has her bad habits as well. The biggest one being her insatiable appetite which doesn’t seem to limit to food items. Her history of things-she-ate-but-shouldn’t-have include but are not limited to: an entire tube of Bepanthen, a kilo of candy and a jar of Vitamin D. I think her stomach is made of steel or something. Nothing that contains or has, at some point, contained food can’t be left anywhere she could reach.

You’re probably wondering how she, as a big bad wolf, gets along with something as tiny as Möykky? Allow me to present, situations A and B:

What else could there be said about this magnificent creature? She takes care of us, we take care of her, she’s silly and a vital part of our family. We even have a deal with her: she has promised to live forever.

~ Heikki

Update, Sunday 31st of January 2016 16:30 PM:

It’s with a heavy heart that we have to tell you that Nemi didn’t live forever. We had to let her go just a few days after this introduction. She had very few health issues in her life, last year a little more but today she had her second epileptic seizure in the course of two days, and the last one was extremely severe. So we came to the hardest conclusion imaginable with the vet. Nemi passed away at around 1 PM. We love you and we miss you.

~ Anne and Heikki

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