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February 2016

From Jyväskylä to Peurunka, on foot – Metsoreitti

What do you say we go the spa in Peurunka…
-.. on foot?
-How far away was it again?
-23 kilometers.
-Why the hell not.

Continue reading “From Jyväskylä to Peurunka, on foot – Metsoreitti”

Will we shiver in the cold of night?

Because we’re going to spend the night outside during Winter for the first time, I’m pretty damn nervous. What if we have to come back home with our tail between our legs? What if I can’t sleep? What if we can’t heat up the food, if the campfire won’t start? But because ”what ifs” do absolutely nothing (unless I have a need to stay up all night), one needs to plan ahead. Continue reading “Will we shiver in the cold of night?”

If you wish to go to the woods TONIGHT!

Warning! This blog post contains many, many lists! Continue reading “If you wish to go to the woods TONIGHT!”

Roar of the rapids and little dippers – Kuusaankoski

About a 30-minute-drive and a two-hour-bike ride away from Jyväskylä is Kuusaankoski, a place that requires you to pay extra attention when inputting the name into search engines. Continue reading “Roar of the rapids and little dippers – Kuusaankoski”

Firewatch: A hiker’s choice, part 2

Right off the bat I got to admit that I started my second playthrough already. Continue reading “Firewatch: A hiker’s choice, part 2”

Travel buddies

Alone or together? Do you have people you prefer traveling with, your own posse? Continue reading “Travel buddies”

Say no to cat videos!

Some time ago on Facebook (follow us so you get notifications about new stuff!) we asked people if they wanted to see more goofy pictures of our little doggie and here you go! He’s not always so photogenic.

Firewatch – a hiker’s choice, Part 1

I was really looking forward to February 9th, because on that day Campo Santo game studios were going to release their first masterpiece Firewatch. Continue reading “Firewatch – a hiker’s choice, Part 1”

Chance guides the traveler: Kangasniemi

Kangasniemi. A small commune like many of those surrounding it. So what made me stop and pay attention? Continue reading “Chance guides the traveler: Kangasniemi”

Nature Walk: Kanavuori

Kanavuori (Chicken Mountain) is protected by the Natura 2000 act of the European Union and it’s maintained by Metsähallitus. Continue reading “Nature Walk: Kanavuori”

Vegetable dehydrator

I got a vegetable dehydrator for Christmas. It has an dial for adjusting temperature, so you can dehydrate pretty much anything. The theme for this year is: “I’ll use it for everything!”. The device is handy for creating small travel meals that last a long time. Come Summer, we’ll be bringing home wild herbs, berries and mushrooms. Continue reading “Vegetable dehydrator”

Isojärvi National Park

Isojärvi National Park was the destination for the Hiking and Camping Class of 2015. For most of us it was the first time we’d stay outdoors for the night, as you could tell from the newly purchased hiking gear. We met up along the way and drove in a line to the Park parking lot and on our way we were. Continue reading “Isojärvi National Park”

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