Nature Walk: Kanavuori

Kanavuori (Chicken Mountain) is protected by the Natura 2000 act of the European Union and it’s maintained by Metsähallitus. The Nature Walk is about 3,7 km long and it has a few spectacular vista points. You can take the bus (38, 1 and 3) almost all the way to the bottom. If you choose to go there by car, leave it in the parking lot of Naissaari. *

The top is mostly flat surfaces but the trek up the mountain during heavy snow requires proper shoe-wear unless you like twisting your ankles. At the start of the Walk you get to walk a flight of stairs followed by a rocky path accompanied by a convenient rope to hold on to.

At the beginning of the rope part, you get a nice view from a ledge called Leuha. From there you get to enjoy a south-west view of of Vaajakoski’s Hupeli. Fun fact: before the trail challenge last Summer, this was as far as we got. Even though it gets so much better! You should do yourself a favor and walk the entire Walk, exiting from the north (to Naissaari).

The view is spectacular in a clear day and to be honest, it doesn’t look bad during a light snowfall either. We had a nice warm cup of Lämmin Kuppi on Pikku-Leuha ledge and drank some water. We went to see a large boulder beyond the ledge but had to turn back because we noticed a lot of packed snow gathering in and around our hiking dog’s fur. We didn’t want him to freeze! So we didn’t go past Pikku-Leuha this time.

The aforementioned boulder had enough space under it for a grown man to crawl through but this time it was Möykky’s turn. He started digging under there and we were sure he wasn’t giving up the task but thankfully he’s easy to distract. So no harm done.

I don’t know if you notice a pattern in these pictures but he’s never too far behind, is he? That’s partially because of his inability to get around us due to the slightest bit of snow.

So we left Kanavuori behind us and tried to find the right bus that would take us home. Number 38 goes past the beginning of the Walk but it was a Saturday so luck there. So we walked past Naissaari to Haapaniemi intersection where the Number 1 bus arrived about 10 minutes late (we hear it’s fairly commonplace) and it took us home. The heating was on full blast and all the snow snagged in Möykky’s fur started to melt, getting Heikki’s pants and my mittens all wet. But it was well worth the trip! Next time we’ll take the long way back.

~ Anne

*Information on the Walk and detailed trail descriptions can be found from Jyväskylä City’s website: (all trails).

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