Chance guides the traveler: Kangasniemi

Kangasniemi. A small commune like many of those surrounding it. So what made me stop and pay attention?

Frankly speaking, last minute departure after work, hunger and a Scanburger sign.

One thing lead to another, as they say. This time because the diner was short-staffed. The cook was alone in the kitchen and they’d gotten a lot more orders than on their usual Friday night. In other words, there was a delay. We got two -30% off coupons as compensation but I doubt we’ll ever get to use them, since I tend to lose such things.

However, next to the door leading to the toilet was a small table. On that table lay an obsolete national treasure: a commune flyer. Kangasniemi, that is the place. Travel magazine of 2016. I had time to read all about Puula and its village activities, curling and something called Rockkaamo. But enough about that, then #polkuhaaste kicked in. Nature and travel sites. The locals are prone to take advantage of their Nature Walks. Where the trails in Jyväskylä are 1,5-5 kms long, Siikajärvi Walk of Kangasniemi goes on for 12 kms, whereas Kutemajärvi Walk is 11 kms and Suurola 8. Sinivuori Walk is a mere 5 kms, making it the runt of the group. Kangasniemi is about an hour away from Jyväskylä and now that we have a vehicle, it’s not a long trip to make. We’ll give the specifics of each Walk when we get to them, rest assured.

I found a few attractions worth mentioning: Läsäkoski, Alttasaari and it’s rock formations, not to mention the traditional park of Pirtti.

It’s pretty wild that all this can be found just an hours’ drive away. I wouldn’t have even given the flyer a second look had the food been on time, so there’s a silver lining to everything! I encourage everyone to read a magazine other then the usual Helsingin Sanomat. You can read those at home! And travel flyers are extremely important for small communes. Nothing is more valuable than stumbling upon a treasure.

See you in the Summer, Kangasniemi!
– Anne

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