Travel buddies

Alone or together? Do you have people you prefer traveling with, your own posse?

We frequently hike on our own, Heikki and I, but sometimes we grab a friend or two along. We’ve even spent a weekend at Koli as a group! On the Hiking and Camping Class we stayed the night in Isojärvi National Park and we had a lot of fun.

The Valentine’s Day gift isn’t necessarily taking your friend out hiking, not when it’s snowing as hard as it is today, but we strongly recommend you do as soon as the sun shows its face again. We’re sort of on the fence when it comes to celebrating this day – to spend it with each other or go out with a bunch of people. The original Valentine’s Day differs greatly from the one Finland chooses to celebrate (in here it translates to Friend’s Day).

This year we went with staying in and watching Netflix together. Yesterday, however, we visited the Kuusaankoski rapids with Ulla (you’ll be reading about that later, don’t worry).

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our friends and to all of our readers!

~ Anne

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