Every girl needs her own axe!

Happy International Women’s Day, everyone! It’s a particularly special day for yours truly, because a few years ago today, Heikki proposed to me.

But let’s keep the topic at hand clear! Hiking, not sweet talk!

When a woman falls head over heels to the idea of hiking, it usually becomes a hobby for the entire family. Your spouse might join you but if they don’t, they can take care of your home, your kids or your dogs when you’re roaming the wilderness. It’s reasonable, to have hobbies of your own. Or common ones. Or both. You take the kids with you to roast sausages and the older they get, the more reluctant they are to oblige. But women in the woods by themselves or together, that’s what’s amazing! You get to reset in a pretty damn healthy way.

I might not have any statistics or extensive research backing it up, but I think women’s hiking is on the rise. This is indicated by Personal Experience (TM), which you shouldn’t use to justify yourself, but also by statements by other people I’ve met.

My former teacher was astonished by the amount of women hikers these days. He went as far as to suggest that young people should spend the night in a lean-to so they could get to know athletic and brave women in the great outdoors and maybe even form relationships. I attended a Hiking and Camping Class where the majority were female. I follow about a dozen blogs, all written by a hiking woman. That’s not to say I feel contempt towards male bloggers, I read yours just the same. I never choose who to follow by gender. I know it’s not enough but I want to emphasize the improved possibilities women have to DO WHAT THE HELL THEY WANT.

So here you go, two amazing women I follow and value greatly. Check our their blogs!

Minna Jakosuo: Kuukausi Yksin Erämaassa

Minna is a wilderness guide and hosts classes on hiking and camping. She also does all kinds of hiking-related stuff. Her writing is pleasant to read and not just because of the amazing photos she takes. And the things she writes about! This woman went out into the Northern wilderness, for a month, alone. Now she tells us she’s doing it again this August.


This blog made me change my plans about where to go on a hike abroad. I’ve been following her preparations for this incredible journey she’ll be going on with her sister. She also cooks!

Check out both of these blogs for a bit of girl power and remember to leave a comment, because nothing is sweeter than feedback!

Oh you want to know about the aforementioned axe? Well, I bought my very own travel axe. It’s good for making kindling and to fend off attacking wolves. More on that on Friday’s blog, stay tuned!

~ Anne

P.S. Photos are of me and Ulla!

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