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At the end of this blog post we’ll tell you about our Nature Walk challenge and you can participate by using the hashtag #polkuhaaste and #rinkkaputki.

The challenge is on all year long, even though I suspect not a lot of people have the same goal as us – which is to visit every city-maintained Nature Walk, preferably twice. But you can participate even if you visit one just once! You don’t have to complete a Walk but we recommend it!

City of Jyväskylä upgraded their website for a more outdoor-pleasing look, since the new url is simply and no matter what era the super green layout is from, the content is still good! You can also find them on Facebook.

A list of all Nature Walks is found at the top. In addition to the Walks you can find a bunch of other destinations worth visiting! Click on one to open an info card!

The English version EXIT isn’t working as of yet. They could use a translator (wink wink).

Nature Walks of Jyväskylä

There’s a total of ten city-maintained Walks in Jyväskylä:

And three Walks maintained by a third party (such as Metsähallitus):

The photos in this post are partially from last year. Obviously the wintery ones are fairly fresh. We’ve visited every local Nature Walk except Jääskelä, Nyrölä and Paljaspää.

What’s coming: #polkuhaaste all year long!

During the course of this Spring we’ll be introducing individual Walks and the honor of being first is Haapasaari Nature Walk from last Summer. If you feel inclined to visit your local Walks and want to tell us about it in words and pictures, use the hashtag #polkuhaaste and #rinkkaputki. Obviously we’ll ask for your permission if we want to share or retweet your photos and we’d love to make a collage of some sort for each Summer month! The idea is to share them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, with all the credit going to you, the original poster. Let’s go outside together, shall we!

~ Anne

Sources: City of Jyväskylä website –  ULOS and Nature Walks.

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