Halsvuori Silver Mine, part 2

Like I told you in the previous post, the first trip to Halsvuori happened in the dark. On the next day we headed back to see if everything was still in place and sure enough, they were. It’s much less intimidating in daylight. It welcomes you with its warm colors and a stone-hugger like yours truly was a bit (a whole lot) excited. This time we went straight for the top by cutting through the woods and walking on crust of the snow. We proceeded to walk along the edge of the cliff and descended back down when we got to the far end. We went back up to have a second look (and a cup of coffee and TUC crackers – I know, not very street credible). We also caught a glimpse of another hiking couple but didn’t get a chance to say hi or offer a cup of aforementioned coffee. But I was about 20 meters away and would’ve come off as a stalker or something had I started hollering.

The sun was shining in a Spring-like fashion and we felt great. It’s day trips like this that reinforce the idea that the outdoors is the best cure for the blues and/or fatigue. Springtime means that the morning light wakes me up earlier and if I let myself crash on the couch, I’m stuck there for the entire day. And even if there’s an interesting nature document on TV, it doesn’t quite get the same results as, you know, actually going outside!

The old silver mine and rock formation of Halsvuori is a stone’s (HAH!) throw away from the highway but despite the noise of traffic, you feel humble staring up at the rocky giants. The view from above was beautiful as well (save from the logging square area..). At the foot of the formation you can’t help but feel an urge to press your cheek against the cool surface. The entrance to the mine itself is covered in ice during Winter and flooded otherwise. But I just read that it’s five meters deep and there’s a small hallway that goes even deeper in.

You can barely make out the rock paintings but I can imagine (or google) what they are trying to depict. There was a small fence put up in front of the paintings, as a warning to rock climbers. Speaking of which, there were many hooks placed into the stone wall for that exact purpose and I wondered what it would be like to hang up there, using the small ledges for grip until you had none left.

On the way back we saw a pile of feathers and bones of what used to be a bird. Something bigger had had a proper feast. You could see foliage bloom from the ledges but a closer examination revealed the green color to be moss or ferns. We just have to wait for Spring to work its magic.

I didn’t remember to take a single picture with my phone, I was that awestruck by the tons and tons of rock. But Heikki had his DSLR with him, so enjoy!

// Anne

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