Warning! Commercial humbug incoming, even though there’s no sponsor deal going on here. Normally I wouldn’t be this excited about joining a loyalty club of any sort, since I tend to view them as a sham and I seldom read the email marketing they send me. So you understand why my reaction to Partioaitta’s new 365 club was “No, not you too!” But after reading about it further, I came into a different conclusion.

Partioaitta does a good job with this club. The 365 magazine does have a bunch of ads but it also functions as a source of inspiration. In our family it’s also called a toy brochure you can circle your favorite items from. Because quality costs money, one can’t just go on a shopping spree, mind you.

For every purchase, you get a 1% bonus but the kicker is, it goes straight to charity! This year the charity in question is Outward Bound Finland, an organization focused on teaching kids and teens about nature. I remember when you could direct your Ykkösbonus for nature preservation If you so pleased. It should be an option for every bonus system, in my opinion. It’s also pretty questionable if said bonus systems actually help you save money since maintaining the whole system requires it, but for some reason people eat that stuff up.

A 365 club member is also eligible to join events, hikes and gala nights that the biggest names in hiking partake in. So a regular hiker can be a rockstar people ask to take selfies with, in a loyalty club meeting!

Partioaitta provides a green-wash for the conscience and they’re well-known for their top quality gear and items so I urge you to join – it’s free and you don’t have to remember to take a special card with you – a photo ID is enough.


– Anne

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