So I went outside to take pictures of swanfolk

I’ve been an amateur photographer for a while now – a little over a decade, I think. And if there’s something I’ve learned about taking pictures of animals, is that you need to be patient. You must stay completely still and quiet for long periods of time and let nature present each opportunity. You can’t make any sudden movements nor let adversities bring you down. You need to be patient. I’ve also learned that I totally am not that. Not one bit.

All the squirrels I’ve hissed from between my teeth to stand still, goddamnit, it can’t be too much to ask. All the pigeons and crows I’ve tried to bribe and even extort to repeat the awesome pose they just did but I wasn’t ready – I focused past them or something.

So unlike you probably imagined, this is not a beginner’s guide to nature photography. I’m the last person you should be asking. I’m a firm believer of a tactic called ”just go outside and find something to shoot”. Which is what I applied on this lovely Monday night with Anne laughing at my ninja-like creeping between the reeds of Jyväsjärvi Lake. My trusty and slow-to-focus Tamron zoom lens buzzing quietly like a freight train – I’m surprised the birds didn’t fly away instantly.


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