Human experiment

I’m starting a little experiment in the blog. I don’t consider it to be that spectacular but I am looking at a potential success as an accomplishment.

Because of the blog, I’ve been more than active in social media, mapping out the best hiking websites and their various contact channels. The increasing likes have also served as an inspiration to strive for a larger number in followers but I want to try something different.

A break from social media. Social media blackout. Cutting the cord. Falling off the grid.

More to life, as they say at work. And because of work I can’t shut down my emails or rid myself of the internet completely. Instead I’m giving up Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and I already deleted their respective apps from my phone. Messenger and Whatsapp, being more like text messages for me, stay in use. So if you want, you can contact me through there!


  1. The negativity. The most common reason for a social media blackout, in general, is that people get sick of all the negative comments. And even yours truly gets tired of looking at conversations go way off-topic and all over the place, no matter how smart and insightful the original status update is. Thankfully the main topic of this blog is fairly neutral so I’m pretty sure I won’t receive that many death threats. I’ll be focusing on newspapers instead.
  2. Better sleep quality and concentration. I can feel the constant social media downpour eating away at my concentration. I hate it when others get lost inside their phones but I can only change my own behavior. I want to spend a moment in silence instead of reacting to notifications.
  3. Time management and spending more time doing things I’ve always wanted to do. I could read more. I’m allowed to write as much as as I want when it comes to the blog and you’ll still be getting bi-weekly updates but my background research will surely be more limited. Hiking will still be my number one hobby and maybe I have a chance to focus on it more? This blackout takes place during Spring, not to mention our Summer vacation but maybe I get more out of both without social media.

How long and what will become of the blog?

As I said, you’ll still be getting two blog posts a week. I’m leaving Heikki in charge of social media exposure because that’s where most of our readers come from. He will also be responding to all your messages. I’m giving him free reign altogether. He’s already posting most of the photos on Instagram and he’s quite the wordsmith. The email account, in turn, will be governed by Heikki as well. He’s going to act as a filter for all the information.

So as a test run, let’s go like this until Midsummer’s Eve. It’ll be warm and sunny the next time we see each other! Are you interested in hearing a few updates on how the blackout is going or would you rather not hear anything at all about it?


P.S. As luck would have it, my phone took it upon itself to make sure I stay the course. It died completely and won’t turn on anymore, haha! Thank god for warranty, right?

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