Sammalistonkallio and Tontunvuori

The lovely Jääskelä Nature Walk is not located within city limits, like many of its fellow Walks. It’s past the Vaajakoski ABC gas station, a short car ride away. You can cycle there as well, if you like – I included directions at the end of this post. It was a sunny Winter noon when we visited the place and since we didn’t pay attention, we circled it the wrong way. Which is to say, we walked to the campsite first. The site is just near enough for a family trip or if you’re traveling with someone who’s not that surefooted anymore. But we headed back on the trail along the riverbed and boy, was it pretty! The sun was shining, there were skiers left and right and you could feel Summer right around the corner. The Walk itself was pretty slippery when approaching from the South but proper footwear saved us a lot of trouble.

The view from Sammalistonkallio didn’t really please the eye of our landscape photographer because of all the trees in the way. But if you’re there to just look at the scenery, it’s just a boulder-climb away. Halfway through the wrong way around we had to make a choice: take the short cut or go all the way.

Obviously we chose the latter because we’re brave adventurers! And good on us, the end of the Walk had some interesting things to hide. All in all, Jääskelä Nature Walk offers a nice variety of landscapes. I can’t wait to go back in the Summertime. Thanks to the pine stands and rock, the elevation changes from steep uphill to a downhill stroll. Keep a good pace and you’ll break a sweat – don’t forget to pack lunch, the Walk is 5 kms long.

I don’t know how wet the terrain is at the moment but since Spring is upon us, I’d suggest rubber boots or other waterproof footwear. I assume there isn’t that much snow left if at all and on the toughest parts they’d built boardwalks. The Walk is marked extremely well.

Driving instructions: Drive about 4 kms South from Vaajakoski ABC gas station (take Oravasaarentie, the old Highway 4) until you come about Jääskeläntie, which turns west (or right). Make a loop, going under the old Highway 4, drive about 1700 meters and you arrive at the parking lot. The starting point is right there.

It wasn’t until later on that I read (from Jalkaisin blog) about a local tree giant. We’ll get you next time! We also skipped Mäyrävuori altogether and didn’t pay our respects at the crypt of our city’s founder, C.C. Rosenbröijer.


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