Dreaming of the North

Hello from Social Media Blackout Country! I’ve been well, cleaned up around the house and read a few books. I’ve learned new things at work and even had afternoon naps! Yes, naps! For some reason being a social media outcast makes you really tired at first, no idea why. Maybe the blue glow of my cellphone screen made me hyperactive? Apparently I’ve also been less busy with – haven’t done that many excursions to the wild. A couple of the, sure, but not more than usual.

On the other hand, I’ve progressed a ton when it comes to planning our Summer hikes! The local map has had its share, we’re pretty much done with places to spend the night and more or less done with all the destinations to cover. I hold a great deal of respect for this map and can’t, for the life of me, draw on it! Maybe after the hike. I’ve read a bunch of guides for the Hetta-Pallas hike and maybe the most helpful is the one by Joel Ahola. It comes with a map! So I’ve devised the following schedule after which I’ll begin the preparations for food and sustenance:

Day 1: Hetta-Sioskuru (13,2km) – night at Sioskuru booking cottages.
Day 2: Sioskuru-Tappuri-Pahakuru (11,2 km) – night at the Pahakuru wilderness hut.
Day 3: We leave anything heavy at the hut and visit Outakka hill. Then it’s either back to Pahakuru or we head for the Hannukuru hut (10-13km).
Day 4: Hannukuru-Suaskuru-Montell Shelter-Nammalakuru (13,5km) – night at the Nammalakuru wilderness hut.
Day 5: Nammalakuru-Rihmakuru-Taivaskero-Pallas (12,5 km).

Because we’ll be in no hurry on this journey, we chose to keep out daily treks short. You can’t book wilderness huts beforehand so that’s gives us leeway and should the need to get back to civilization rise sooner than expected, 20 kms a day is manageable although unpleasant.  As the date of departure approaches, I feel like listing all the cultural destinations and natural formations from the way. But for now I’m sticking to gear-management, because I haven’t forgotten my lesson of proper footwear (Metsoreitti and Salamajärvi).

Planning ahead will continue and I’ve even glanced at the map of Koli for Midsummer’s week. A shepherd should wake up at the crack of dawn to check on their herd!


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