Stalking cave devils in a hotel backyard

Just a couple of Winter photos and then I swear I’m done! A few meters behind the Laajavuori hotel/spa is where the scary cave is located. And although it might’ve seemed the contrary, we were not peeping through the hotel windows but looking for the aforementioned cave! And we couldn’t have seen anything anyway, the rocks were in the way. But we did do a bigger circle on our way down there just in case.

Spring was well on its way during our little trip, in mid-March. You could hear water bubbling in the nooks and crannies and I’m pretty sure the area will end up flooding at some point. We found the cave by the sound of the neighboring waterfall. The cave was big enough for a grown man to fit into but the bottom was covered in water, so we decided that a peek inside was enough this time. I’m personally afraid of the dark, tight spaces and cold water, so… you could, however, see sunlight shining in from the corner of the cave.

Retkipaikka is our trusty source for directions, no difference this time. According to my own words, the cave was indeed large and tall and scary. Maybe next time I’ll be brave enough to venture inside and not be such a sissy?


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