Saint Olaf’s Church of Tyrvää

This Easter we went to see a priceless, ancient stone church while some dead-beats were busy burning another. This church had also suffered the same fate over a decade ago, although the community came through and rebuilt it. Our destination was Saint Olaf’s Church in Sastamala.

The rugged stone church was even nominated to be a Unesco World Legacy Destination before some unspeakable asshat decided to torch the arch and everything indoors. This took place on November 21st, 1997, after they had just finished renovating it. So thanks, you goddamn vandals.

It took six years to rebuild the arch and the interior – all thanks to the large amount of volunteers and donors involved. Wikipedia can fill you in a lot better than yours truly but let me just say, it’s pretty darn impressive. Vammala represent!

The church was also featured in a pretty popular Finnish film Letters to Father Jacob. See, it even got on the DVD cover! I suppose I should watch it one of these days. It’s embarrassing not to have witnessed the feats of your home town.

The church is located pretty near Vammala, but I could swear it was miles and miles away when I was little. But there it lies, onshore Rautavesi, as a part of the Finnish national scenery. As we were visiting the stone building, all you could hear was the cold whispers of the wind and singing competitions of the guarding jackdaws. I like to think they were ravens because it’d be a lot more fitting, don’t you think?

I strongly recommend everyone to pay the old building a visit if you’re ever in the neighborhood.


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