Social media blackout – still going strong, plus updated travel plans

Yup, still doing that and it’s been effortless. At times I haven’t even noticed the difference, other times I have. Twice I’ve wanted to post something, a photo on Instagram because I saw something pretty on the morning walk and another after Heikki booked us a flight and a hotel room to Prague. But since I’ve got you here: we’re going to Prague on our Summer vacation, yay! I have yet to have any actual withdrawal symptoms. Maybe I haven’t realized how far away Midsummer’s Eve is. That being said, I’m glad to have had more opportunities to meet with people. Some are crucial to our hiking plans, so let’s review, shall we?

Updated travel plans of 2016

  1. Leivonmäki National Park x 2 (February and March). Our first night out during Winter went great!
  2. Long Mother’s Day weekend: 2-3 nights in Helvetinjärvi National Park. We managed to get a day off from work which gave us a nice long weekend. We might be trying to spend the night in hammocks. Expect more detailed introductions to those and tents, as soon as weather permits.
  3. Repovesi National Park in May. We’re taking a few of our friends into the woods and the goal is to beat our fear of heights by crossing the Lapinsalmi suspension bridge. I’m terrified already! If I simply can’t, I’ll have to take the long way around on a ferry.
  4. Hetta-Pallas hike in early June (disclaimer: if the weather is abysmal, we’ll go after Midsummer’s Eve). Our first long hike, four nights out with a clear route in mind. Every place of sleep already planned, not to mention all the food already dehydrating. I might get a brand new tube backpack as a loan (it’s not a traditional one, mind you. But we’ll let that slide) and Heikki gets a new camera for testing!
  5. A trip to Prague in June. Five days without any specific agenda. Nothing but being idle and witnessing beautiful buildings. We did, however, decide to go see Kutná Hora, a small town with a church that’s decorated with human bones! I might squeeze in a natureish destination in there somehow..
  6. Shepherd’s Week at Koli. This is still the best thing ever! How did we manage to land this gig! If we manage to get an entry video going, we might even do a little mini series with the help of YLE Folk.
  7. Later in the Fall it’s either Pyhä-Häkki National Park or Nuuksio and/or Evo – we’re heading South for a change! Except if the Hetta-Pallas trail steals our hearts. Speaking of which, we applied as volunteer Park guardians to Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. You should too!
  8. #polkuhaaste #rinkkaputki is still ongoing throughout the year! Haapasaari Nature Walk had it’s little story told and you’ll be getting more of last year’s trips not to mention brand new stories from this year later on. Our new day job gives us more opportunities to get out while it’s still light out.

Because the best is yet to come, check out some of your Instargram favorites from early 2016 (you should follow us if you aren’t already).


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