Other people’s trips

Following and listening to other people’s travel stories is extremely relaxing. Here are three travel blogs about putting one foot in front of the other like nobody’s business! Let me know about your favorites and I’ll be sure to check them out. My social media blackout doesn’t include avoiding amazing travel stories.

First and foremost, go read the blog of the main source of our inspiration, Minna! As you probably already know, we attended a hiking and camping class she and her husband Vesa organized. That’s where it all began, about a year ago. As if I wasn’t excited enough about the Hetta-Pallas hike already, this woman promised to borrow her favorite backpack to for the trip. I haven’t been able to sleep without thinking of that thing ever since! To think I’ll be able to hike without the constant squeaking my current tube backpack makes.

She had a lecture in the main library where she told the story of her one month alone in the wild and we were there, obviously. Since her family basically consists of campers and hikers, her husband is also on a hike as we speak: the UKK hike from Koli to Kiilopää. That’s 1000 kilometers! Go Vesa!

Jalkaisin is my other favorite. She’s doing the South West Coast Path, which has stunning views and trails going along the shore – 1000 kilometers in 6 to 8 weeks. We might’ve walked the same trails as Upe has but not at the same time. And I suppose she won’t be in the neighborhood for a while.

The lovely CampaCamino is on a pilgrimage with her sister, hiking Camino de Santiago. I’m very tempted to forget northern Italy and switch it to that but we’ll see what happens in 2017. Long day hikes make me nervous but even a heathen such as myself finds the idea of a pilgrimage fascinating.

Do you happen to have favorite hiking blogs? Let me know!


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