Socks spinning on my feet

Earlier I wrote about hiking boots. Equally as important is what’s inside them. Purely for aesthetic reasons they happen to be black at the moment, even though white ones would reveal the foot juice situation more clearly. Then again, do I want to know how dirty my socks get? I have experience on several kinds of materials and shapes and forms. My boots are broken in well enough, so I don’t have to suffer from chafing. Although ankle-high socks tend to be a bit impractical. In Wintertime I wear wool socks on top of fairly thin ones but during Summer that’s not an option. The two sock-technique leaves the friction between fabrics instead of grinding on your skin. I usually take my shoes off whenever we take a break during hiking, for ventilation.


Cotton is a straight-up no. It gets wet and chafes like crazy when wet. The seams are also usually very thick. Merino-wool is nice but it picks up every single piece of dog hair in the world and warms your feet up too much in Summertime. But it’s the number one material during Winter.I’ve bought mine from Varusteleka, Prisma and a few from Partioaitta (all in sale or with a reduced price).

Sport socks, anything from plastic to cotton mixes, just don’t go well with my feet. It’s the smell. It seems to cling on to the very fibers of the socks and some are too slippery to wear. I’m big on experimentation, so if you know models or materials you prefer, I’d like to hear about it! Something for small yet odorful feet. Sure there are plenty of magic tricks to prevent it; silver and odor-eaters sown into the fabric and other nonsense.

I’m I the only one who’s annoyed by the tech talk and promises in sock ads? For example, anti-bacteria is not a quality I’m looking for in socks.

My lates discovery is bamboo socks! The only quality I’m concerned about is durability since I’ve noticed some “battle damage” in them from our hikes and their trips in the washing machine. But they smell less! This was confirmed by both mine and Heikki’s sniff test. They act like merino-wool socks when wet and are thin enough not to fry your toes. I tried googling “bamboo socks” and ended up reading a bunch of stories about phone sales people and neverending subscriptions. So don’t be fooled by any of it, just go to a regular store to buy them.

My socks are up for a test run once we get on the Hetta-Pallas hike. I’ll ask my fellow travelers if my feet smell and watch them stare awkwardly back at me.

Do you have any special tips and tricks for sockwear? Where does one get the best socks and what materials do you prefer?


P.S. I included all the toe-photos I could find. You can use your imagination to figure out which type of socks I’m wearing in them. It depends on the trek, really.

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