Sand Harbor State Park

This might be a too festive blog post as it’s been saved in drafts for months now. It’s not about being a perfectionist, though. Seeing the photos just bring tears of joy every time. I haven’t been able to make a scrap book about the trip yet. It’s embarrassing  but it was such a beautiful place, even though we merely scratched the surface. If we ever won the lottery, we’d go back in an instant.

We spent two weeks on American soil in June of 2015 and most of it was at the home of our dear friend Sunny and his family. Our super nature experience began with a trip to Lake Tahoe. Afterwards we visited Glacier Point in Yosemite followed by giant red sequoia trees. But let’s get started with Lake Tahoe.

Even as we approached the lake we could tell we’re about to experience the whole “everything’s bigger in USA” thing hard. The hills of Middle Finland can’t really compete with snow-tipped mountains and deep valleys. The road snaked between the mountains, with tight lefts and rights behind every corner. Sitting in the car, seeing the spectacle whizz by was enough to make it a dream come true but oh boy, after the pulled the car over at Sand Harbor State Park, I couldn’t help but run around in awe like an idiot. After all, it was the holy trifecta: rocks, boulder fields and a sandy beach. The lake itself was a radiant emerald color even under an overcast sky. After our time under the ruthless Sacramento sun, a little drizzle was more than welcomed.

Visiting National Parks isn’t free in the US. For instance, in Sand Harbor State Park you had to fill out a form with your license plate number and your contact info, put the form along with an entry fee (in this case, $8, if memory serves) in an envelope and leave it in a mailbox. For larger destinations, they had a park ranger welcoming guests in a booth. If you think you can skip the fee by simply not paying it, don’t. The fine is significantly more if and when a ranger catches you. As we walked on the beach, we saw one checking the license plates on the parking lot.

Next up, Yosemite! You don’t want to miss those views.




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