Kaakkurinkierros hike started with fainting and screaming

There were supposed to be four people trekking the Kaakkurinkierros hike in Repovesi National Park but alas, three adventurers and a dog made it there.We divided the hike in two days: on Saturday we hiked from the Lapinsalmi parking lot to Tolosentalo, which is next to the Saarijärvi parking lot. And on Sunday we headed back via the Eastern trail. Kaakkurinkierros is 24 kilometers long and with our plan, it would be 14 kms and then 10.

We started the CR-V before 8 AM and the shortest route in Google Maps was, to put it lightly, the scenic one. I advice you to pay more attention since let’s face it, it takes less time to drive on highways. But like I said, the scenery was nice. The drive was about 2,5 hours. There are many parking lots in different corners of the park and we chose, as a starting / ending point, the one close to the suspension bridge of Lapinsalmi.

I was fairly nervous about crossing the bridge beforehand. But to be honest, my fear of heights is not as bad as it once was, not after the ridiculous view in Yosemite, so apologies for the provocative headline. The bridge was awesome, nonetheless. Möykky was more afraid of it than I was and made as full stop before he could even properly walk on it. So Heikki had to carry him over while I crossed the bridge first.

So next came my husband and brave canine. You wouldn’t believe how adorable it was to witness Möykky making swimming motions the entire time they were on the bridge. And this wasn’t the only occasion he would do this on our trip. I’ll put up a video later.

Right in the beginning you could see that nature’s best designer, The Ice Age, had done incredible job. This was the first time we actually experienced coverage issues in our cellphones, thanks to all the surrounding rocks. However, traversing on top of them restored our signal bars to full strength.

The first vista point, Katajavuori, (not counting the suspension bridge) emerged after 800 meters of hiking. Yes, I teared up a bit and yes, I could hear the National Anthem in my heart. The weather was extraordinary, which was nice since the forecast made it seem like it was going to rain all weekend. This was all before lunch as we walked to Kuutinkanava for that.It was surprising how picky Möykky was about his water – usually he’s fine with any kind of puddle but now he wouldn’t accept any from the lake, even when served froma  bowl. But as soon as Karri (the third hiker) poured a guksiful of Palokka tap water, the pup was all over it.

I have an insane amount of photos to pick for these post so what say you if I continue this later, huh? I’ll try to remember where I left off.. ah, yes – the first day and it’s not even lunchtime yet!



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