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June 2016

Wool Therapy, part 1

Our Midsummer week base camp was at the Seppälä Estate in Koli National Park.

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Hetta-Pallas hike, part 5: Salomo’s Bell Tolls

So we stayed in Hannukuru for two nights and even though the plan was to climb Outtakka, the rising snowstorm

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Hetta-Pallas hike, part 4: From Tappuri to Hannukuru

We bid farewell to the Tappuri hut as the trail went on towards Hannukuru. We heard they had a sauna over there, so we couldn’t wait to replenish our body and soul in its warmth.
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Hetta-Pallas hike, part 3: Tappuri Hut

After enjoying breakfast at Sioskuru and checking the map one more time, we decided to pay a visit to two destinations a kilometer off the main trail: Tappuri hut and the reindeer separation area of Kaarremarasto. But it was worth every muddy step.
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Arrangements for the Hetta-Pallas hike

Since we joined the get-around-by-car club earlier this year, we unsurprisingly drove to Lapland.
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Hetta-Pallas hike, part 2: Pyhäkero-Sioskuru

So we left Pyhäkero wilderness hut behind us and what did we see?
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Hetta-Pallas hike, part 1: From Hetta to Pyhäkero Wilderness Hut

A boat ride across Ounasjärvi Lake took us away from the mundane world.
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Volunteering in National Parks

Would you go out of your way to paint a wilderness hut on your Summer vacation? Continue reading “Volunteering in National Parks”

Kaakkurinkierros, part 2 – Oh, Olhava

From Katajavuori our journey on Kaakkurinkierros route continued towards Kuutinkanava (aka lunch break spot). Continue reading “Kaakkurinkierros, part 2 – Oh, Olhava”

First Anniversary

We we’re supposed to stay at a local beach motel but Sunny drove past the intersection and told us he missed the turn.
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The setting sun of Mäyrävuori

Near Jääskelä Nature Walk there’s another destination worth mentioning – Mäyrävuori. Continue reading “The setting sun of Mäyrävuori”

In the green of Jääskelä

Spring was offering a bunch of warm days so we decided to spend an evening hiking the Jääskelä Nature Walk. Continue reading “In the green of Jääskelä”

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