In the green of Jääskelä

Spring was offering a bunch of warm days so we decided to spend an evening hiking the Jääskelä Nature Walk. And roast some sausages. The amount of green was amazing, considering how it was all snow not too long ago. And the company was top notch! And this time we even walked it the right way around, so we ended up at the campfire site. With tea in our thermos.

We had the chili-cheese spread Wilhelm aka the best sausage in the world. This isn’t a  paid promotion by any means but a hint of truth first enforced in Repovesi National Park by our dear friend and hiking partner Karri. But in short, try it. It’s delicious. There’s no need for mustard when the sausage is filled with molten cheese and chili to give it a bit of a kick. You can only eat so much Wilhelm (or any sausages for that matter) during the Summer but you have to have a few. Maybe one more time before I revert back to floury sausages and vegetables.

We trekked with our friend Ulla, who wasn’t done adventuring after completing the Jääskelä Nature walk, and ascended Mäyrävuori on a search for a good spot to pitch her tent. I’ve pestered her for months now to be a guest writer for our blog. She’ll give in eventually!


Oh yeah, the view. During Winter you don’t see much of anything, even from Sammaliskallio but now we got to enjoy the lakes of Middle Finland. Check it out:

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