The setting sun of Mäyrävuori

Near Jääskelä Nature Walk there’s another destination worth mentioning – Mäyrävuori. In April we witnessed a colorful sunset whereas in May it was obscured by the trees. It has plenty of rocks and rock formations so naturally as a stonehugger I was excited.

It’s a short yet rocky road to the top. We were accompanied by a two-year-old hiker so it was, for the most part, fun but let’s face it: when the little one wants to be held and after two minutes it’s absolutely necessary for her to walk on her own while we as adults struggle to stay on our feet…well, you get the idea. It’s not easy predicting what makes that kid laugh. We enjoyed ourselves, though. Nature grants good experiences for the young and old.

A nice detail was this one S-shaped tree which was extremely popular in the eyes of the little one. She didn’t want to leave it at all. But we managed, gathering pine cones for her and eating a banana.

Because of all the rocks, it befell onto me to act as a guardian for the toddler when Heikki and Ulla were busy taking photos of the sunset. And as it turns out, bribery with water, bananas and a permission to throw pine cones off a cliff worked wonders.

I almost felt bad for having to leave. We simply must go back with our hammocks and stay the night. Ulla did, in a tent, and she’ll probably tell you guys about it soonish? Fingers crossed!



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