Kaakkurinkierros, part 2 – Oh, Olhava

From Katajavuori our journey on Kaakkurinkierros route continued towards Kuutinkanava (aka lunch break spot). After breathtaking views the scenery settled down a bit, save for a buttload of uphills and downhills. There was plenty of stuff to see in the woods but hunger was creeping in, so we pushed forward. Kuutinkanava was crowded with all sorts of people, both domestic and foreign – devouring their respective meals like wild animals, just like we were about to. We made ourselves some after-lunch coffee and tried a few pieces of nearly 100% chocolate Karri had with him. It was…well, it had a kick to it and it was fine when enjoyed with a cup of coffee but it was still missing milk and sugar. You know, like chocolate. Thankfully I had my Mars bars, which, coincidentally, are my number one hiking treats.

A close second is Twix or Lion and last but certainly not least, Rainbow Nut Bars (3 pcs per package). I’d love to make some of my own but I’m simply too lazy. I tend to favor the muesli energy bars one can buy from specialized stores but when one rushes to a gas station before 7 AM on a Saturday, one can’t be too picky.

With full stomachs we continued on a steep road over an unnamed hill beyond Kuutinkanava. The trail circles around Kuutinlahti and the view was, yet again, spectacular. There was a watch tower fairly close to the trail but our bellies were way too full for such an effort, so we continued towards Olhava, which is a giant rock formation and also a popular destination for rock climbers, as seen below. They looked like ants! Thanks, Ice Age!


We skipped the Olhavankierros route, which looked good on paper but our minds were set on getting on top of that thing. So we took the “short cut” of Korpinkierros, which honestly, was a 45 degree ascend. So on top, we took a break. After all, we saved all that time by taking the short cut..

We felt like heros stepping on the sturdy rocks of Olhava. So much so that we hoisted our backpacks off our backs and onto the ground and lied down for a while. As I was staring at the view in awe and with Heikki taking pictures like crazy, our furry little friend decided to go Gandalf the Grey on us by rolling around in the dirt. Fortunately his fur seems to be self-cleansing because the rest of the dust found its way inside my sleeping bag later that night.


To be continued!


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