Arrangements for the Hetta-Pallas hike

Since we joined the get-around-by-car club earlier this year, we unsurprisingly drove to Lapland.

Hetta-Pallas hike isn’t a circle but a straight line so we couldn’t just park our car and leave it at that. Fortunately there’s this thing called a car transfer service.

A tip for you fellow southerners: don’t bother calling the northern folk months ahead of time to check up on your reservation. They’ll laugh at you. Send them an email and they’ll still probably laugh but give you a dignified response and your reservation is going to be just fine.

The package we chose contained a stay at a local cabin for two, can transfer service from Hetta to Pallas and a boat ride across Ounasjärvi lake. Everything went smoothly.As we arrived to Pallas, exhausted and tired, there was our trusty CR-V waiting. Granted, I took he spare key along just in case but fortunately that turned out to be unnecessary.

In addition to us two, we had a third hiking partner with us! I posted in a hiking oriented Facebook group that a ride to Lapland was available and after a brief discussion about schedules, she was in!

Our dog couldn’t have handled the North so we took him to a doggy daycare center an hour away from Jyväskylä. Dogs aren’t allowed in the wilderness huts anyway, so this way we didn’t have to bring a tent along.

Where we rested our heads

We booked a night at the Sioskuru wilderness hut, two nights at the Hannukuru hut and rolled the dice with Nammalakuru since it was fully booked.We’d either try our luck with the open hut or try the Rihmakuru shelter further down the road. Or just walk to Pallas through the night and sleep in the car.

Gear (more on that later)

We got extremely lucky when it came to meals.A Blåband representative gave me a bunch of outdoor meals to go and we already had a few at home. I knew nothing about wilderness huts beforehand and what necessities they carried, so I just simply forgot to bring eating utensils altogether. Thankfully Hetta had a sporting goods store so I could restock my lacking equipment. At least we had our Trangia, coffee pot and guksis with us. If we hadn’t noticed our mistake at the Jyppyrä vista point, we would’ve had to whittle new ones from wood or something.

I’ll give you a proper gear list later because utensils weren’t the only thing we forgot. But nothing too serious, mind you! Next time we’ll remember to bring more snacks, though.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we no longer carry tube backpacks. Around Mother’s Day we discovered our current ones on sale! They’re Deuters – Heikki has the Aircontact 75+10 and mine’s the 60+10. We’ve been more than happy with these bad boys, especially after testing them out at Repovesi.

Scandinavian Outdoor wanted to collaborate with us when it came to attire so we were both sporting new pants and jackets! Well, Heikki had a new jacket. I have to say, even in the most unexpected of circumstances, they really pulled their weight. But like I said, more on that later. They deserve more than just a footnote.

Heikki will also be writing about his collaboration with Canon. They were kind enough to loan two cameras to us for our Summer vacation!


P.S. Parts 1 and 2 of our Hetta-Pallas hike are already live:

Hetta-Pyhäkero open wilderness hut
Pyhäkero-Sioskuru wilderness hut

To be continued on Tuesday – up next, trail from Sioskuru to the Tappuri hut.


We took on the Pallas-Hetta hike (from Hetta to Pallas) in early June 2016. We chose the Hetta-Sioskuru-Tappuri-Hannukuru-Nammalakuru-Pallas route. We’ll be presenting the hike in small portions of ten posts. I’ll also be talking about the gear choices we made for this trip. Everything concerning the hike can be found by using the identifier hetta-pallas hike. If there’s anything you’d like to know about a specific destination or if a certain part engages your attention, please don’t hesitate to comment! We’re happy to tell you more. 

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