Hetta-Pallas hike, part 3: Tappuri Hut

After enjoying breakfast at Sioskuru and checking the map one more time, we decided to pay a visit to two destinations a kilometer off the main trail: Tappuri hut and the reindeer separation area of Kaarremarasto. But it was worth every muddy step.

At that point it became clear what people meant when they said the trail can get wet during late Spring/Early Summer. Needless to say there were several occasions my hiking boots were fully submerged. But it’s fine, those boots were made for sinking.

Like I said, the main trail didn’t pass the hut but a kilometer more is just that, a mere kilometer more. I highly recommend you make the extra trip – you’ll see the coziest wilderness hut ever and you might even spot a hawl owl (Surnia Ulula) and another magical forest.

Tappuri hut has suffered the same fate as an unfortunate amount of others have in Lapland – it was burned to the ground by the Germans in the war. Originally it stood East of the trail but the current one, built in 1957, is located on the West side and can accommodate 8 people. It’s equipped with a stove, both regular and gas-operated, and a cute rocking chair on the porch. Extra points for the spectacular view from the table!

From Tappuri the journey continues past the Pahakuru wilderness hut to Hannukuru, where we planned to stay for two nights and maybe climb Mt. Outtakka! More Lapland tales on Friday!



We took on the Pallas-Hetta hike (from Hetta to Pallas) in early June 2016. We chose the Hetta-Sioskuru-Tappuri-Hannukuru-Nammalakuru-Pallas route. We’ll be presenting the hike in small portions of ten posts. I’ll also be talking about the gear choices we made for this trip. Everything concerning the hike can be found by using the identifier hetta-pallas hike. If there’s anything you’d like to know about a specific destination or if a certain part engages your attention, please don’t hesitate to comment! We’re happy to tell you more. 

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