Hetta-Pallas hike, part 4: From Tappuri to Hannukuru

We bid farewell to the Tappuri hut as the trail went on towards Hannukuru. We heard they had a sauna over there, so we couldn’t wait to replenish our body and soul in its warmth.

The weather was perfect for hiking, a little overcast with a little drizzle here and there. The terrain was easy with the exception of the area between Porttivaara and Rouvivaara, which was a little steep. It couldn’t hold a candle to the Pyhäkero ascend, though. Truth be told, the trail before reaching Pahakuru was a little dull. The scenery was beautiful, though – mountains all over and absolute silence.

We had to stop for dinner by this small mountain creek since it was such a long time we last ate and Pahakuru and Hannukuru were both over an hour away. After another outdoor meal our steps became significantly lighter.

Pahakuru was crowded with hikers – the hut was full and they had pitched a few tents around the perimeter as well. People had warned us that our next stop, Hannukuru would be too resort-y and not a proper place for a real hiker to rest – that we’d get the true wilderness experience at Pahakuru –  but I didn’t mind nice things after running across the mountains for two days.

Hannukuru wilderness hut accommodates 24 people in total, divided into two sections with a drying room in the middle. I thought Sioskuru was amazing but this place… I literally got teary-eyed when I saw our home away from home. There was also a separate open wilderness hut, which used to be the only one in the area before they built the new one in 2006.

As I mentioned in the previous post, the idea was to climb Mt. Outtakka, one of the Struve chain destinations, on our “rest day” but Mother Nature had other plans – a Summer storm. With snowfall. So instead of mountain climbing, we took a nap and went to the sauna that day. No one else showed up at the hut, so we got it all to ourselves for two nights. After trial and error with the gas stove we decided we’d get a gas burner for our Trangia sometime during this Summer. It was so much faster to cook with it!

On our next post we’ll shed some light on how our Summer hike slowly turned into a Winter one, thanks to Salomon (the storm). Be sure to join us in the Hetta-Pallas hike in just a few days!



We took on the Pallas-Hetta hike (from Hetta to Pallas) in early June 2016. We chose the Hetta-Sioskuru-Tappuri-Hannukuru-Nammalakuru-Pallas route. We’ll be presenting the hike in small portions of ten posts. I’ll also be talking about the gear choices we made for this trip. Everything concerning the hike can be found by using the identifier hetta-pallas hike. If there’s anything you’d like to know about a specific destination or if a certain part engages your attention, please don’t hesitate to comment! We’re happy to tell you more. 

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