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July 2016

100 nights of practice

Ok, so I read about this awesome challenge and because the idea of spending 100 nights outdoors fascinates me, I thought to myself: “Don’t worry! Just do it!” You can never spend too many nights outside, right? Continue reading “100 nights of practice”

There’s always an excuse to sleep outdoors

A while ago we were asking people to join us as “guest pens”, so to speak. So here we have our very first one! Give a warm welcome to Ulla! //Anne Continue reading “There’s always an excuse to sleep outdoors”

Kaakkurinkierros: Never again or right away?

We woke up early at House Tolonen and we figured we’d walk to Kirnukangas lean-to for breakfast. It’s only a couple of kilometers, we’ll be fine on empty stomachs!

Continue reading “Kaakkurinkierros: Never again or right away?”

Remembering Lehtisaari

In June 2015 while browsing Facebook I came upon an article about a bonfire at 6 PM in the small island of Lehtisaari. Continue reading “Remembering Lehtisaari”

National Scenery – thank you

Last November this happened

Continue reading “National Scenery – thank you”

Kaakkurinkierros, part 3 -evening fire at Sukeltajanniemi

A sudden return to Repovesi National Park! First parts can be found here and here. Around six o-clock at the half-way point of the Kaakkurinkierros route, at House Tolonen, we started getting peckish.

Continue reading “Kaakkurinkierros, part 3 -evening fire at Sukeltajanniemi”

Life in outdoor pants

In May we had a chance to collaborate with Scandinavian Outdoor and since our past attire had been questionable at best, we both decided to get new hiking pants. Continue reading “Life in outdoor pants”

A quick hop over to Prague

First of all, us Europeans are fortunate to have such short distances between countries, let alone cheap airline and bus tickets to get us around.

Continue reading “A quick hop over to Prague”

Wool Therapy, part 3

We slept or took various naps throughout Saturday after chasing the sunrise on the previous night. Continue reading “Wool Therapy, part 3”

Summer winds in primeval forests

Known for its primeval forests, Pyhä-Häkki National Park turned 60 this year. Continue reading “Summer winds in primeval forests”

There’s no such thing as a free meal

Warning! A list ahead! And a heads up about the slowly fragmenting illusion of a hardened pro-hiker that my writing might’ve created. Continue reading “There’s no such thing as a free meal”

Wool Therapy, part 2

On Wednesday night we warmed up the smoke sauna. I think it was the only mosquito-free area that week not counting the hammocks and the tent we put up indoors.

Continue reading “Wool Therapy, part 2”

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Moments from near and far

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Moments from near and far

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Moments from near and far

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Moments from near and far

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