Midsummer Nights at Koli

Heikki went to shoot the sunrise twice while we were at Koli. It was foggy on both occasions. Canon was kind enough to loan us a camera and you can find the first sort of video review of it down below. It’s classic Heikki. Funny. Watch it! If you understand Finnish, that is. If you don’t, I have bad news for you. If you know how to subtitle it, contact us!

On Midsummer’s Eve the sun only briefly went beyond the horizon.


It’s exciting to go outside during the night. Not so much so when a bright orb keeps glowing on the sky all night but still. Earlier this year it looked vastly different at Hyyppäänvuori and Leivonmäki National Park.

And, uh: here’s the review:


Collaboration: Canon

We spent Midsummer’s week of 2016 as shepherds at the Seppälä Estate in Koli National Park. Everything related to our adventures there can be found under the Shepherd’s Week tag, which is to say here.

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