Goofing around in Haltia

We had never been to Haltia Nature Center before and what else were we going to do when visiting the big city on our Summer vacation.

So off we went with my dad and his spouse. In short: the exhibition was very interesting and you should listen to the instructions on how to get the most out of them. Don’t rush. The dark room is not just a dark room and you should maybe, I don’t know, close your eyes and listen.

Just before our visit they had put up a photo exhibit called Sixty chicks and wild pics – where they present 60 photos taken by Nordic women. It was great. I loved the variety. They also had props that were probably meant for children but you know us, we couldn’t resist.

As souvenirs we bought patches representing the National Parks we had visited. The collection is now complete until we finally get to a new one, say Pyhä-Häkki National Park. We didn’t buy the patch yet, out of principal. You can easily take on any Nuuksio Nature Walk from outside the center but we had our city shoes on, so we had to pass. Maybe next time.

On our visit to downtown Helsinki we went to the stores of Partioaitta and Scandinavian Outdoor. We didn’t buy anything but we left with an urge to buy a tent and/or new sleeping bags. You know one of those tents with a view – a whole wall that’s see-through – clearly meant for a blogger/Instagrammer? Sure, one’s not going to go to the North Pole in one of those but I want one! Or something that’s light and durable.


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