A quick hop over to Prague

First of all, us Europeans are fortunate to have such short distances between countries, let alone cheap airline and bus tickets to get us around.

A European such as myself can go abroad with little effort and it’ll only cost a few hundred euros. Our American friend says it best:

Oh you just hopped over to Prague? Just a quick stroll abroad? For a day or two?

Granted, for him it would take a much greater effort to cross any border (save for Mexico I suppose..he’s Californian), not to mention planning and saving money.

Prague in not so many words

We took part in all kinds of nonsense: turns out that Tram 22, which goes past all the tourist attractions, doesn’t do a full circle and goes straight to the suburbs. So we took a quick detour. We learned all three subway lines yet didn’t learn to call it a subway. The Prague Castle was impressive but packed with people. Same thing with Old Town. The commercial disctrict didn’t offer that many interesting places to shop but we did find the local Fjällräven outlet and a store that carried a brand called Husky.

The service in Prague in any store or restaurant (basically in every facility that practices trade), was refreshingly rude. No one asked if they could be of assistance or if I needed anything – they merely stared and made sure I wasn’t stealing. It worked! It didn’t. I didn’t buy anything either, though. And honestly, I prefer it this way. If no one tries to make me buy stuff, I feel less pressure to do so just to justify my presence in the store. I tend to avoid retail stores before I’ve compared and studied the product(s).

Prague is a beautiful city and we had zero plans and/or activities. The only two key points were the TV tower near out hotel and the Prague Castle – but other than that, the idea was to wander around. It rained on a few days but we didn’t mind since most of the time we were at cafés and restaurants. We had plenty of different foods, most memorable being the bun arond a stick aka the trdelnik. Yeah, try saying that ten times fast.. a variation of it was also called a chimney.

I’ll write a separate post about the mining town of Kutna Hora and of a few lovely parks in Prague. The old city had some impressive greeneries as well.

It was raining cats and dogs when we got back to Helsinki and for the first time in my life I was afraid on the flight home – the turbulence was a bit intense.



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