Life in outdoor pants

In May we had a chance to collaborate with Scandinavian Outdoor and since our past attire had been questionable at best, we both decided to get new hiking pants. Heikki got himself a jacket to match, because he was a tad jealous of mine. He might make a video review of them or at least write about his experiences.

Fjällräven Keb – for a woman who’s never dieting again

My pants of choice were the Fjällräven Keb W Trousers and more specifically, the roomier Curved model. They fit a lady’s figure better than the traditional Keb and I had to take one size smaller than I’ve accustomed to. For skinny women I suggest the regular model – it’s as comfy but slightly more snug. The headline of this paragraph is a not-so-subtle clue to my decision not to whine about my weight but to focus on living instead of starving myself. Sure, I have a few extra pounds and a personal trainer would be more than fine but I’m happy the way I am.


The Curved is slightly wider on the bum and thigh area. It has a different kind of seam on the crotch but in lacking the regular model, I can’t really say which is superior. Perhaps they’ve taken the excessive friction into consideration better. Those who have extra padding on the thighs know what I’m talking about.


I chose brown because I already had a black jacket and I think they look good together. Plus my backpack has the same shade of brown (and red) and I didn’t want to look like a rainbow. These pants come in a variety of colors, although the selection was a bit limited at the time, but if this diet-free life steers me into skinnier waters, I’ll take the reddest ones. They look really cool.

Short day trips can be done in a plastic bag but on a several day’s worth of hiking you need to choose something that won’t make you wish you weren’t there. Protectiveness and comfort are key and looking good is not a bad plus.


The pants have a water and wind resistant surface and the fabric is sturdy enough not to let anything prick you through it. I’ve already taken the habit of sitting where I want because it doesn’t really matter with these pants, unless you sit in a puddle. I’ve applied wax according to instructions so they’ve basically replaced my rain pants.

The comfort comes from the stretchy fabric which covers half of the material. I’ve used them almost daily for a few months and I can’t spot any signs of wear and/or tear. I did, however, manage to snag my jacket on our kitchen stool. So the accidents happen at home, not out there.


Stretching fabric also allows for better ventilation, though it’s not as tough. Extra air conditioning can be achieved by opening the zippers on each leg. I actually kept them open for the majority of our Hetta-Pallas hike. I even kept the other side completely open during the Salomo storm. To clarify, there are two separate zippers on each leg at thigh and shin height, so it doesn’t go from top to bottom. They don’t ripple in the wind at all, even when the ventilation is in full blast, so to speak.

I’m comparing them to my Vidda Pros and when it comes to ventilation and temperature, I’ll limit them to Winter wear. They’re entirely made of the G-1000 fabric, which gives them more protection and warmth.


Extremely handy (heh), the other holsters my wallet and my phone and the other is for miscellaneous stuff. They’re located over the quadriceps so you can bend and squat to your heart’s content and you won’t damage the items in your pockets. I also tried on the Nikka model but it didn’t have zippers on the sides and the pockets were on different places.

Summary – I’ll take it!

I’m very happy with my choice. I’ve worn them during both warm and cold weather, they shield you from mosquito bites and have plenty of functionalities. If it gets too hot and humid, just open a zipper! The sweat beads drifting down my back on hikes don’t feel uncomfortable on the waist. The legs also dry very quickly if they ever get soaked. I’m sure they’ll last me a long time. I’ll be testing them out vigorously and I’ll let you know how they fare later on this Fall. I haven’t actually counted the miles but these pants have already been to Lapland, Koli and Jyväskylä.



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