Kaakkurinkierros, part 3 -evening fire at Sukeltajanniemi

A sudden return to Repovesi National Park! First parts can be found here and here. Around six o-clock at the half-way point of the Kaakkurinkierros route, at House Tolonen, we started getting peckish.

The closest campsite was 900 meters away at Sukeltajanniemi Peninsula, so we took off and forgot most of our gear at the house.

The peninsula was full of campers, a couple of moms with their preteens and young couples roasting sausages at the fire. This one guy had his parents’ old Trangia, so he was a second generation hiker! We enjoyed the best damn sausages in the world (the cheese-chili Wilhelms – dubbed by our friend Karri as the aforementioned), made some coffee and had red wine for dessert. Our plans for the Hetta-Pallas hike as well as Shepherd’s Week turned some heads. The hot day turned misty and rainy.

Heikki was stricken with guksi envy. Karri and I had proper ones made of gnarl – where red wine and coffee leave stains. Which, for some reason isn’t unhygienic like the residue a dishwasher leaves behind or lipstick on a wine glass. There’s different kinds of filth apparently and hiking filth is better for you.

Anyway, Heikki’s was made of oak, with a boat finish or something. Not really but honestly, nothing was sticking to it. So he got a tad envious. Not once did he fail to mention how he hated his guksi. Made me think of old Carelian grannies. So I made it all better on our anniversary on June 6th and bought him his own, proper guksi. He had it with him at the Hetta-Pallas hike and boy, was he happy with it!

We hosted a small open house when the moms from the campsite wanted a quick peek inside House Tolonen – they’ll probably rent it later this fall.

Coffee, red wine and talking to new people. You can imagine I slept extremely poorly. I had to visit the outhouse in the middle of the night and had I not been so tired, I would’ve grabbed Heikki’s camera and taken at least some photos of the rain. But my brain was reminding me about the hike and the drive that was going to take place next day.

It’s funny, Heikki didn’t bring his camera when we went to the peninsula and I swear I’d taken some pictures with my phone but they were nowhere to be found. So I decided to use other pictures from the hike.




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