Last November this happened

when we went to gaze upon the spectacular view of Koli:


There’s a reason for the gap between Summer and Winter and why the cabin rent was so cheap. Fog, fog and fog. So the National Scenery was closed for business. But we did have a nice birthday party!

This time we fared significantly better with all the free time we had during Shepherd’s Week.


You know what camera we used to take all of our vacation photos (including Hetta-Pallas hike and our trip to Prague?) Canon gave Heikki two cameras to play around. Check out his first video review here and the second one right here (if you understand Finnish, you’ll agree that he’s hilarious).

Product reviews can be funny. Oh, and visit Koli! You don’t have to drive all the way to Lapland for impressive views.


Collaboration: Canon


We spent Midsummer’s week of 2016 as shepherds at the Seppälä Estate in Koli National Park. Everything related to our adventures there can be found under the Shepherd’s Week tag, which is to say here.