Kaakkurinkierros: Never again or right away?

We woke up early at House Tolonen and we figured we’d walk to Kirnukangas lean-to for breakfast. It’s only a couple of kilometers, we’ll be fine on empty stomachs!

I mean, we were but making a fire could’ve been accomplished with less bickering. Heikki assembled the logs all wrong. It’s always bad to make us do things before breakfast.

I’m not sure why but the second day of hiking the Kaakkurinkierros route wasn’t as memorable as the first. That being said, the forest was very pretty and there was a nice vista point right after the lean-to.

At the ferry (that goes by the name Ketunlossi – Ferry of the Fox) Möykky gave us another swimming show and this time we had a recording device at hand! My goodness he’s so darn cute!

Constant ups and downs require a lot more strength than an even surface. My knee was acting up since the crack of dawn but because I don’t like to complain, I didn’t mention it at first but at the Tervajärvi parking lot I suggested I sit there and wait for the boys to pick me up. I soldiered on, though. But we did slow it down quite a bit. Driving home proved to be somewhat difficult on a busted knee because I couldn’t change gears properly.

On the next day, the first thing on my mind was: when should we go again? My knee was fine, which tells me that it has acquired self-healing qualities somewhere. But the upcoming Hetta-Pallas hike did make me nervous back then – a week’s worth of ups and downs.

I wasn’t alone with my idea for a rematch. In June we already started discussing new destinations. We just don’t know where to go yet.


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