Ok, so I read about this awesome challenge and because the idea of spending 100 nights outdoors fascinates me, I thought to myself: “Don’t worry! Just do it!” You can never spend too many nights outside, right?

A hundred nights is a lot. Or so it seems, but I kinda need that. I have difficulties falling asleep outdoors on the first night of any trip and I’ve ran from this issue long enough. So with this challenge I grab the proverbial bull by the horns and learn, damnit! And after so many hikes under by belt I’ve come to the conclusion that I can accomplish anything. I might be delusional but I like to hold on to it as long as I can. I haven’t spent a single night outdoors alone so far but I think I have to at some point. I might have trouble finding company for all 100 nights.

Of course one could take part in the challenge with less nights spent outdoors but to conquer my issues I’m going all in. I love the idea of the challenge and I want to honor that by challenging myself. So expect updates throughout the year! Remember to check our the original blog here!

A hundred nights outdoors, here I come – two down, 98 to go! Here are some photos prior to said challenge.