Dogs a-barking and the caravan rolls on

Another guest writer! We’ve asked people to join in to give you guys a more diverse content and here’s one of the first to apply! Welcome Anna and her Paw Patrol!

Dogs a-barking and the caravan rolls on

After the Paw Patrol became a part of our family, biking anywhere experienced a flat tire, so to speak. Dogs running by your side while you’re riding bikes? No thank you.

Choosing which breed of dog to get had everything to with versatility and let’s face it, size. They’d need to be small enough for us to carry around if and when necessary. Little did we know, everything was possible with these guys, even the aforementioned biking.

When I was growing up, my folks used to drive a dog that size around in a basket that was installed on the bicycle frame. I wouldn’t even dream of trying that with these little rascals.

I stumbled upon an article about a man cycling across North America with a very large dog of his. The pup was just sitting in a cart  they called DoggyRide. I want one!

Came a day that we also had a cart like that and we couldn’t have been more excited but what did the Paw Patrol think? After a short sniff test one of them jumped in and not before long, the other. You could tell they were expecting something more spectacular. “So was this it? When are we leaving? Will there be food service? How about entertainment?”

In the beginning, the girl kept whimpering during the ride. Did she need to do her business? Was she thirsty or just not enjoying it? She wouldn’t stop whimpering. We couldn’t figure it out until on one hot Summer day when I was peddling a very steep uphill. Whimpering when going uphill, silence going downhill. Huh? That’s when it hit us – she loved the speed and the feel of wind against her nose! A pretty subtle way to let us know, sure. But we obliged.

Nowadays the Paw Patrol makes their way to the front door way ahead of time, as if to make sure we don’t leave them behind. This ritual repeats itself countless times during our hikes. They even compete who gets to ride “shotgun”, which in this case grants an obstacle-free view for the nose. They do switch places every now and then. When camping, the cart doubles as a small mansion to shield the pups from mosquitoes and the blazing sun.

Passers by always give us amused looks and comment on how cute the cart and its occupants are. First they think that there are children aboard but when they eventually find out, you almost always see a smile. It’s a lot of fun!

The cart has proven to be extremely good and versatile, even on more challenging terrain. The frame is high quality aluminum which doesn’t creak or clank. The wheels are big to ensure smooth riding and the attachment mechanism is effortless to use. You can tell it’s made for dogs: big entrances, good ventilation, room for even bigger canines. It even has pockets for miscellaneous items and padded nose spot! As extra accessories we also got the rain cover, the carrier for extra load and an ergonomic sleeping pad (yup, yup). This way we could spend more than one night outdoors with the pups! The cart carries our tents, sleeping bags and other essentials, too. For an even longer trip we usually take side bags for the bikes and backpacks.

The caravan rolls on this Summer as well!


Anna Laakso calls herself a numerically middle-aged hiker who fuels on nearby locations and dares to venture farther from time to time. The fellowship is completed by the Cartographer and Paw Patrol.


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