Nyrölä Nature Trail

A hot day in July was the perfect time to visit the Nyrölä Nature Trail. It was our first time there but we’d read multiple good reviews of the place and it was clear that it would be one of the more popular ones in Jyväskylä.

The address for the Trail parking lot is Sikomäentie 706, Jyväskylä. You can fit a plethora of vehicles there but should you find it full, there’s an old school with its own parking lot nearby.

The trail has two resting spots, a tent lean-to in the side of the marsh and a double lean-to at Adventure Island. A few weeks ago we were debating whether to go to Leivonmäki National Park or here and the reason we chose Nyrölä was the forecast – it was supposed to rain. And we were going to be accompanied by a few doubting soon-to-be-rookies. I’ll tell you about how that whole thing went down in a separate blog post but as a hint: there are two Pokéstops on each end of the Island and the lean-to has its own dedicated Pokémon Gym! The teens (and adults, lets be honest here) had a blast.

We hiked the Trail clockwise which means we took the dirt road which after a while made a turn into the woods. The Trail was marked pretty well if you don’t count the nearby pond, where we had to second guess where the path continued to. The answer was left. Don’t go straight, take a left. The Saparo-pond was a pleasant surprise, though not a natural phenomenon but an artificial one created in the 30s. They used to swim, fish and do laundry in it but these days it’s just a decoration at the side of the Trail.

We were wearing our hiking boots which turned out to be a brilliant idea, considering how muddy it got at times.

As I mentioned, the path goes on dirt roads and veers into the woods on other parts. It got eerily dark amidst the pine trees, hot as hell  out in the open and lyrical in the mossy magic forest. The long way around to Adventure Island is a few kilometers and you need to remember to grab some lumber from the shack on the way. Should you choose to stay at the lean-to at the marsh, you get a nice view and possibly a bit more privacy than if you were to take the manual ferry to the Island. Obviously the latter is more popular. There’s plenty of room for everyone, though – there are two lean-tos and, a cooking cote and a really good fire pit. You can also take a dip in the water from the pier!

We roasted our sausages on a fire the previous group had started and had a nice conversation with them before they left. We didn’t have our swim trunks so we didn’t get to do that. Maybe one of these Summers I’ll actually get a chance to swim.

For more information (in Finnish), visit the Nyrölä village association’s website. Remember to pay the (optional) fee for using their lumber, too. You can also support the upkeep of the Trail by donating however much you want. As a pro-tip for those of you who  like to think someone else will pay – why don’t you leave the Trail for others or at least bring your own logs.


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