Outdoor meals from the grocery store

I’m going to share a few meal tips with you! Something you can get from any grocery store. And let me start off by saying none of these are paid endorsements. I’ve just accidentally stumbled upon them. Have you already figured these ones out or do you perhaps have tips of your own? Share them in the comments!

Pancake/crepe mixes – just add water!

There are very few treats as handy as this – unless you’re prone to forgetting some of the key utensils at home. Like a mixing bowl. It’s quite challenging trying to get the mix inside a bottle (although pouring it out was easier). Or the time I forgot to bring a spatula (spoon to the rescue). Or when I didn’t bring any plates and we had to eat straight out of the Trangia pan. For jam purposes, I recommend buying one of the jam bottles with the easy squeeze bottle cap. You can make heart and/or skull shapes on the pancakes! There’s a big frying pan on Adventure Island located at the end of the Nyrölä Nature Trail. If you’re using a Trangia, I strongly suggest you get the gas burner for it. No one likes pale pancakes.

Two easy partners with chicken or ground beef

The Instant Mashed Potato from LIDL was a big surprise. If you’re not a mashed potato expert, you’d mistake it for the real thing. Give it a go! It’s effortless – just boil 7,5 dl of water and pour the contents of the bag in, give it a stir and enjoy! The instructions tell you to use a mix of water and milk but I’ve had tasty results with just water. I also add a bit of butter if I happen to be carrying.

Another excellent quick meal is the three minute rice from Uncle Ben’s.

Dehydrated vegetables from the seasoning aisle

Bigger supermarkets carry these. One brand I like to use is Risetti. They add a little girth to any meal, be it regular or stew or soup. So if you feel a dehydrator takes too much of your time, grab a Risetti from the store. I heard about them on the Hiking and camping class we attended. You should too! They usually carry dehydrated meats as well but I find them to be excessively salty.

One bag for a whole thermos of tea

If I want to have a nice, hot cup of tea out there in the wilderness, I bring my thermos with a single tea bag soaking inside. After a good hike, the tea has brewed to perfection. Loose tea and a tea ball would require a food thermos, because the opening is too small.

Large oat flakes are better than small ones

I don’t know about you but my breakfast porridge is made from large oat flakes and I don’t boil them for too long. Hiking is no exception, mostly because the texture makes it easy to consume even without butter or milk. I usually pack the flakes in a double zip-lock bag because, well, I’d hate to find them scattered all over the inside of my backpack. No breakfast and little flakes everywhere for mice to eat. No thanks.

Tazza hot chocolate

You know those little bags with the goo inside? It’s delicious and versatile – you can make hot chocolate or use it as a spread on pancakes and whatnot. But again, remember to pack them in another plastic/zip-lock bag just in case. The sticky bags are the only con with this treat since they’re not suited for burning.


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